BrainPaint is a form of biofeedback called Neurofeedback, also known as EEG biofeedback.  The electroencephalograph measures the brainwaves by placing three electrodes on various locations of the scalp or even on the ear lobes.  Depending on the number of neurons firing signals to the brain and the speed at which they are firing, a different brainwave is produced.  Each frequency carries an emotion or state of being that can be induced upon hearing sound at said frequency.  By measuring the frequency of brainwaves through the EEG, the BrainPaint software produces a “protocol” of certain frequencies to train your brain.  It is through this synchronization of frequencies between your brain and the BrainPaint software that one can find themselves in a state of relaxation, drowsiness, but mainly, a state of healing.

The most common applications for BrainPaint are depression, insomnia, ADD/ADHD, chronic pain, post concussions, fears, brain injuries, PTSD, stress, Autism, hormonal imbalances and improving peak performance.  The great news is that through using BrainPaint, under medical supervision, patients can either cut down or even stop using medications completely.  Results tend to be permanent.  The most wonderful thing about it – there are absolutely NO SIDE EFFECTS!!   Everyone is unique and so is your brain.  All of your thoughts and feelings create a unique signal that manipulates the images on the screen.  As your brain creates new images it is given information on how it operates, which in turn teaches the organ how to function more efficiently and heals deep seeded issues.

Your brain is not your mind. It is an organ that processes substantially more information than your mind could handle.  For example, it is your brain that regulates an increase in heart rate during physical activity.  Would your mind know how to do that?  Even though your mind wants to understand and even participate in your EEG Biofeedback session, it is your brain that we are training.

Can you visualize what you want out of life, but consistently get derailed from negative self-talk, anxiety or fear?  Do you or your child have problems with focus or impulsivity?  Do you wake up several times during the night?  Do you suffer from hot flashes?  Or do you just feel overwhelmed?  Generally people notice lasting improvements within the first 5-8 sessions.

This is available at Lanier Chiropractic & Rehabilitation with Dr. Patricia Seebach. 

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"The fall of the 2013 I was in a serious car accident.  The accident left me with debilitating headaches, sleeplessness, forgetfulness, and anxiety; anxiety which was greatly heightened when in a vehicle.  In addition, I really couldn’t control my emotions, I cried and became upset for no apparent reason all day long.  Unfortunately, I had to take muscle relaxers and pain medication just to make it through the day.   I was a wreck and as a result I was not being the best wife and mother, I was at the end of my rope so to speak. 

Dr. Seebach suggested I try Brainpaint and while I was uncertain that it would be helpful, I desperately wanted to rid myself of the medications and be “normal” once again.  While I walked into my first session skeptical, two weeks later I was noticing visible changes. I was crying less and sleeping better.  I definitely was more relaxed.   By a month I was pain free, headache free, and my anxiety levels were down.  I was no longer taking pain medication.  I continued my bi-weekly treatments, and around the two month mark I can say that I was back to my old self.  I left the treatments as a full believer in the power of Brainpaint.  It has helped me become my pre-accident self. I am free from the pain and anxiety brought on by my accident, I no longer cry uncontrollably and my sleep habits are back to normal.  In addition, I no longer feel a lack of control behind the wheel and I can even use the intersection where the accident occurred.  My husband and children are glad to have their wife/mother back!  I am very thankful to Dr. Seebach for introducing me to this amazing therapy.  I highly recommend Brainpaint for anyone trying to overcome obstacles in their lives.


"Brain Paint neuro feedback has changed my sixteen year old son’s life!  I had heard from other adoptive families that neuro feedback had helped their children, but I was not certain it would be beneficial for my son.  He had experienced early childhood trauma and abandonment, but he did not display significant behavioral problems and was well-adjusted overall.  Other children in a similar situation have serious issues to overcome and because his were not extreme, I was not convinced this therapy would be useful.  I thought his behavior was due to his previous lifestyle in an Eastern European orphanage and time would help him change.  However, he did have the following issues; occasional angry outbursts, some sort of sleep problem in that he never appeared well-rested even after nine hours of sleep, had a hard time concentrating on school work and in class, had a lot of anger towards me, his new mother, and did not show much interest in activities with the family.  I decided to try it because I wanted to do everything possible to help my son and he agreed he needed to improve on these areas.

He completed nine sessions and after about four, there was a huge change in him.  He was able to wake up in the morning looking and feeling refreshed.  Homework was not a struggle anymore and he surprised us all by completing it in the afternoon instead of late at night.  Concentrating during class and while reading were not hard anymore.  A new peace was present and the anger seemed to dissipate.  After five more sessions, more pronounced improvements occurred.  He has become kinder and greets me at the end of the day.  He even asks about each family member’s day now, shows gratefulness, does his chores without arguing and his overall countenance is joyful.  He is now making more intelligent jokes and asks to play with the family in the evening such as throwing the baseball or football, playing on the trampoline, going to the pool and playing with his younger siblings, etc.  These are things he had to practically be forced to do a year ago.  My family and I are very grateful for this therapy and encourage others to try it."