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"I was having pain in my neck and my arms were continually “going to sleep.” Following tests and x-rays, a neurosurgeon diagnosed a degenerated disc in the neck region of my spine.  He told me that my body had deposited calcium in this area to protect the spinal cord.  The calcium deposit was encasing the nerves going to the neck and arm areas and did not leave enough room for these nerves resulting in pain and swelling which in turn led to more pain and swelling.  He suggested that I take anti-inflammatory drugs and when the pain became too much to bear surgery would be required.

Later, because of severe pain in my hip area, I consulted an orthopedic surgeon.  He also found a degenerated disk in the spinal area leading to the hip.  He, too, suggested anti-inflammatory drugs and living with the pain until it became too severe to endure.  He also stated that surgery would be the final result.  Both physicians indicated that spinal surgery should be avoided as long as possible because of problems inherent with this procedure.

The pain became progressively worse as predicted by both physicians.  I was facing spinal surgery and as a last resort began to look for other answers.  I had never tried chiropractic and decided to give it a try.  The Lord blessed me by leading me to Dr. Patricia Seebach.  The pain and numbness began to lessen after treatment with Dr. Seebach and exercise prescribed by her. Now after seeing Dr. Seebach for about two and a half years, I am free of pain most of the time.  When I do have pain or numbness, it is not nearly so severe and can be relieved by Dr. Seebach.  She is responsible for my avoiding spinal surgery.

About a year and a half ago, my right knee began to swell and became painful.  Dr. Seebach began therapeutic exercise and treatment of the knee.  She diagnosed torn cartilage, arthritis and a Bakers’ Cyst.  After x-rays and a CAT scan, her diagnose was confirmed.  She referred me to an orthopedic surgeon who marveled at the condition of the muscles, tendons, etc. around the knee as I am sixty-nine years of age.

It was necessary for the orthopedic surgeon to remove the torn cartilage and treat the cyst.  He said I would need to walk with a cane and have a knee replacement within three years due to the missing cartilage and the advanced arthritis of the knee.  He sent me back to Dr. Seebach for therapeutic exercise and rehabilitation.  I do not walk with a cane and so far have not had to have the replacement, as I am usually pain free in the knee.  Dr. Seebach taught me exercises, which I do every day that is making the area around the knee strong enough to support the joint.

I would recommend Dr. Seebach to anyone who is having pain, has experienced any kind of trauma, or is experiencing generally bad health.  She is very knowledgeable, skilled and concerned.  She is truly gifted in the healing touch."

-W. Rogers